What fuels you?

Creativity is what makes us human. Passion and emotion – we experience them every day. They are powerful and can motivate us to do the most surprising, and sometimes, the most incredible things. I aim to bring passion, emotion and experience to every piece and project I produce.

I am fortunate to have been doing what I love for a long time now, all across the globe, and I work with some of the best brands in the world. I enjoy every new challenge that quality automotive photography and cinematography brings, from defined advertising campaigns to the freedom of editorial projects. Each one allows me to keep innovating and developing my expertise – as an artist, award-winning photographer and director.

I believe that crafting powerful, unique and, ultimately, award-winning, branding campaigns requires the insight of an experienced photographic director and so my goal is to listen to you, first and foremost, and then to share my knowledge and passion with you. Once the trust is there, I can tailor what I can do, with exactly what you need - and then raise the bar.

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